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Our mission

Seben 2.0 Inc. is dedicated to carrying out renovation and post-disaster works in the residential sector with professionalism.

Our vision: To be recognized as a leader in innovative renovation, employing environmentally-friendly methods.

We offer customized services, whether it’s managing an entire project or specific stages, we will execute them according to your needs.

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No one can predict a disaster, but when it strikes, its effects on your property can be devastating. That's where we come in.

Our services

Our company culture is based on an environmentally-conscious approach to cater to a clientele seeking greener solutions. The values we instill in our employees include a sense of responsibility, leadership, professionalism, respect, and, of course, passion.

Our client base is diverse, whether you’re dealing with mold issues, asbestos contamination, or any other contaminants.

Each project team will consist of a journeyman, an apprentice, and two decontamination specialists.

  • Fire

  • Water damage

  • Mold remediation

  • Asbestos decontamination

  • Post-catastrophe and post-trauma scene cleaning

  • Hoarding cleanup

  • Construction and restoration

  • Odor elimination

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Financing services

Seben Inc. also provides financing options. This allows you to finance your projects with just a few clicks, even if you don’t have the full amount available at the moment.

Our company is located on the South Shore of Montreal, serving the Montérégie region and the greater Montreal metropolitan area.

Each project team will consist of a journeyman, an apprentice, and two decontamination specialists.



Mold detection

Observe visible signs

Pay attention to unusual odors

Check high-risk areas

Be mindful of moisture issues

It is important to address any mold infestation promptly to prevent material damage and protect your health, as mold can cause respiratory problems and other symptoms in susceptible individuals.

Water damage

Risk of mold and health issues

Risk of electrocution and electrical malfunction

It is crucial to promptly and properly address water damage by professionals to minimize health risks and material damages.

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