About Seben Inc.

Our mission

Seben Inc. is dedicated to carrying out renovation and post-disaster work in the residential sector with professionalism.

Our vision is to be recognized as a leader in innovative and environmentally-conscious renovation, employing methods that respect the environment.

Our company culture is built on an eco-friendly approach to meet the needs of a clientele seeking greener solutions. The values we instill in our employees include a sense of responsibility, leadership, professionalism, respect, and, of course, passion.

Our diverse clientele includes those facing issues such as mold, asbestos contamination, and other contaminants. We provide customized services, whether it’s overseeing an entire project or specific stages, tailored to meet your needs.

Our vision

The field of post-disaster work is evolving and may eventually be regulated by a nationwide code in Canada. We aim to position ourselves as pioneers in this field, striving to stand out and become the benchmark.

The population is more knowledgeable than ever before; they seek information and educate themselves about the processes and conditions involved. As a result, they have higher expectations from their contractors, considering all the factors at play.

We take pride in being certified by the Régie du bâtiment du Québec (RBQ 5824-0706-01), which means we comply with all the safety standards in the construction industry. We are also a fully insured company and guarantee all our work to provide peace of mind to our clients. Our liability insurance covers all our projects for up to 1 million dollars.

Meeting Growing Needs

Several factors such as climate change, natural disasters, and even the exponential increase in cases of mysophobia have led to a significant growth in the needs related to our industry.

The targeted population in this sector is aging demographically. It is observed that people in this age group require the services of a certified contractor to carry out their work. We aim to be there for them, making a difference and helping them through these distressing moments. It’s what we specialize in and what we’re passionate about.